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Hand painted Bomber Jacket Purple - Collector Unique Piece

£449.00 £980.00

This kimono is entirely hand-painted by Davina Shefet. The process took about 3 weeks for this unique piece.
The painting was inspired by Sonia Delaunay for the back and Monet for the front side.
Painting on silk is a very technical skill which Davina has mastered for years painting on silk and transforming those paintings into pieces of clothing.
It has been featured in various press coverage as well as videos.
Davina focused on her fashion label for four years from 2014 to 2018 before turning deeper into painting.
Unique Piece part of the first collection "Amour & Liberté"
Composition: Silk, linen with lurex lining, gold denim on the collar, silk velvet for the sleeves and handmade sequin and organza embroidery
One Size
The fit is typical of a bomber jacket, suits from an XS up to a M
Colour: Original pattern hand-painted by Davina Shefet 
For when you need a little 90s hip hop on your mind
Made in Paris
No cleaning, painted silk cannot be washed it should be worn to special occasions like the ancestral kimono