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Art Classes

Launching Art Classes in Brighton!

Sunday the 5th of September is the first day of weekly art classes for a full year

Group sessions of 4 minimum and 6 people max

The classes are opened to all levels and are focused primarily on self-expression.

We will explore different techniques, themes, mediums.

There will be an exhibit at the gallery at the end of the year to celebrate your best works!




Some subjects we will work on:

Stealing like an artist, making your compositions more interesting, having constant inspiration, life drawing, educating your eye, finding/ creating your style, surpassing mental blocks that arise in the process of creation, channeling your emotional state or personal story, painting from imagination, colour theory, drawing, keeping a sketchbook and so on.

Of course, individual advice is given and different types of projects will be done according to the groups


Class Schedule

Saturdays and Sundays 12 to 3pm and 3:15 to 6:15


The fee is £40 for a three-hour group session

The £40 is for regular students that have lessons once per week, for punctual classes the fee is £50 per session. 

Material needed

An easel and a table will be provided for each student.

Please bring a sketchbook, a pencil and rubber, and the usual paints and brushes you use. If you are a complete beginner I suggest getting a set of study Liquitex acrylics and watercolour paper if you don't want to bring a canvas.

Some art materials will be at disposal such as paint and glue but you should bring your own canvases, paper or whatever material is particular to your practice.

Art discount is a trusted retailer and very affordable. You will be taking your artworks home with you so I suggest getting a standard Art carrying case in a size A2 minimum.

The Classes will be taking place in my studio which is at my home for that reason I will pass along the exact address to enrolled students only. It is central Brighton between Montpellier and the Seven Dials.


About your teacher

I'm an exhibited artist and own an art gallery in Brighton. I have been teaching art and music for the last seven years alongside my own artistic practice and it's a passion of mine.



To know more just give me a call

07 306 51 07 08

or email me at