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About Davina Shefet


Davina Shefet is a french and danish visual artist, known for her former fashion brand and paintings. She grew up in the South of France before moving to Paris where she studied visual communication, worked in Fashion and the creative industries.


After completing an internship in 2014 at Christian Lacroix, Davina went on to become one of the finalists in the « Meilleurs Dessinateurs » (Best Drawers) contest held by the French newspaper Libération in 2014.


Her work has been featured in campaigns such as Patrón Tequila’s “Arts for Patrón” event in 2015 in Paris, and the 2017 inauguration of the Sir Nikolaï Hotel in Hamburg, which spotlighted her video project «Amour et Liberté» (2015).


She was a finalist at the «Entrepreneurs des Métiers d’Art» contest organized by the Institut des Métiers d’Arts and Ernest and Young for the fashion brand project.


She was featured in Bo Bedre in November, Elle Denmark, in Saatchi Art Collection « Meet the New Figurative Painters », House & Garden Uk, Coveteur and many blogs.


Davina Shefet had her solo exhibition «Opium Dreams» in 2020 at the Leslie Curran Gallery in Florida where she is still represented.


She opened her gallery in Brighton in April 2021.

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Davina Shefet



Through the different mediums that I like to work with, primarily painting, I try to capture the complexity and spontaneity of inner conflict and the relief that comes from Art or Beauty.

My paintings are testimonies and revealers of my subconscious but foremost, they are a place in which I create friends, find joy and support, reminisce about the past, escape to the future. I fix emotions in time so that I can understand them on a different level. I don't judge them, I look at them like memories. 

I paint with a gesture that is representative of my emotion, often nervous, fast and full of adrenaline. For that reason, I use acrylic and oil pastels as I wish to paint fast to capture the present moment and be able to build on it. I like to disturb calmly set scenes with the rush of my intuition which I find to be an honest expression of who I am. Often the scenes in question will show themselves with time, I don't have a fixed idea of a character or narrative, the paintings build themselves through a process of esthetic research until an overall mood or an expression in the character surprises me, intrigues me. I then center the piece around that expression.

My relationship to colour, composition, and perspective is greatly inspired by Matisse, Odilon Redon, Chagall or contemporary painters such as Hernan Bas, Adrian Ghenie, and David Hockney.