Royal Dog and Flowers Original Painting


These dog portraits are part of a Series called "Royalty Baby", it's my personal humourous take on pet portraits that used to be asked by the bourgeoisie to copy the aristocrats.

Original Painting inspired by David Hockney and the classic paintings of pets, artist Davina Shefet.

This painting is named "Cavalier King Charles being Royal"

Dimensions: 92 x 73 CM / 36,6 x 28,8 INCHES
- Acrylic
Painted in 2019

I conceive my paintings with the intent of making the viewer dream and escape to his or her own imagination. 
I qualify my style as in the continuum of modern art with touches of expressionism and abstraction.

Sold without a frame. Sold as Canvas.

The paintings are packed very carefully and usually shipped within two days.

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