Home Trends 19/20


These are my own observations, I'm no Nelly Rodi trend forecaster, still, if it can inspire you, that's great! Read the full post for the detailed list of trends.

Let's get started, first of, I have to say that for me, the trend is overall heading towards eclecticism more and more, with different basis according to the person's taste perhaps but still, the styles are blending, mixed and the home is becoming a super personal curation effort AND I LOVE IT ;)

As Dorothy Draper put it, Decorating is fun and if it looks right, feels right, then it's right!


Modernism / Wes Anderson

- Overall clean lines, Le Corbusier and Memphis inspired, so still fun with colors and plastic, marble, heavy-looking materials, not Bauhaus modern

- Tiles tables will very much continue, patterns on tables in general, I'm seeing black and white, blue and white, red and white stripes as a modern, Sonia Delaunay inspired/ candy thing

- Tiles in general, bathrooms with monochrome tiles, floors with black and white tiles

- Cocteau/Mirò inspired ceramics, frescoes on the wall, on tableware

- Art in general will still very much be a thing -> Sculptures, Neons or other art inspired luminaries, I mentioned frescoes for the bolder ones, painted room dividers, painted ceramics, EVEN MOBILES!!! Calder Style ;) 

- Some plastic objects, very kitsh, though not too many colors, I'm thinking a red plastic children's chair presented as if a piece of art and might be used to hold books

- Terrazzo conic tables, color bloc conical things in general, pink is a must-have and if they have a resemblance to a shell, it's a must-buy

- Bold Walls, either color (pink and green is still very much a thing), patterns or Art


- Grecque theme is still in

- Indian ceramics

- Animals on patterns and as statues

- Thick Oriental fabrics, cushions, maybe we can expect a change in rugs?? Either going from Moroccan to Persian OR going Modern Pattern as well? 

- See-through patina on walls for a Mediterranean touch, I'm thinking orange or pink


- Pink

- Black and white

- Pairs of colors or monochrome

- Think Wes Anderson, Cecil Beaton for the color palette


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